Biobehavioral Studies (Program)

Students interested in animal behavior who are majoring in Anthropology, Biology, or Psychology can choose a Program in Biobehavioral Studies. The purpose of the Program is to provide a broad foundation in the various approaches to the naturalistic study of the behavior of humans and other animals. A Program participant will major in one of the three departments and take an appropriate group of courses in the other two departments. These courses cannot be completed in a short time and interested students are urged to consult with one of the advisors as early as possible in their university career. The contact person in Psychology is Dr. Jin Ho Park.  Basic requirements for the Program include:

a. Satisfaction of major requirements of at least one of the three departments (each department offers courses that can contribute both to major requirements and to the Program).

b. Completion of at least five courses from the approved course list (available in the Psychology department office) including one course from the category "first courses in animal behavior," two courses from the category "associated fields", and two courses from "advanced courses in animal behavior" or "laboratory courses". At least five courses from the two departments outside the major department must be completed, including at least one course from each department.

c. A lab and/or field course is strongly recommended. Such a course will be required of Program participants when appropriate courses have been developed.

Participants must declare their intent to complete the Biobehavioral Program with the Registrar in order to have it appear on their transcript. This is accomplished in the same manner as a declaration of major.